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A product range that is simply without parallel

With over 19,000 articles in the fields of drills, milling cutters, grinding and cutting tools, as well as measuring equipment, workshop supplies and operating facilities, ATORN offers an extensive range of products that is being continuously enhanced by new products.

Our main focus is on optimizing the precision and service life of our tools. Thanks to our company structure, we are able to provide the best value for money.
This spectrum really does ensure that no desire is left unfulfilled.

Our initial inspiration is drawn from everyday life

Direct contact with our customers is the best way for us to develop needs-orientated products. We discuss our products with the operators, either at trade fairs or on-site. This feedback allows us to recognize any problems. Through a continuous dialogue, we are able to create tailor-made tools perfectly suited to their specific application.  

The HHW ATORN product range covers all important areas of application:

Drilling tools

Turning tools

Milling tools

Clamping equipment

Measuring and testing equipment

Grinding and cutting equipment

Vision is our starting point

Ideas for new products don’t remain figments of our imagination for long, they are consistently launched onto the market.
In the last two years alone, we have developed over 6,000 innovations in the field of machining that were new to the market.

ATORN. Performance requires quality.

Our products undergo a number of quality inspections to ensure that they meet high expectations and demands.
And it is only when a product fulfils ALL, and we really do mean ALL, quality inspections that it receives the ATORN label.

Tried and tested quality for your place of work.

As a Hommel Hercules brand, ATORN tools are subject to the highest of quality demands and are finished in accordance with both our own and customer demands. This results in a broad range of products for all customer application fields. 





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